Chapter 18. External Services

Table of Contents

Calendar Integration
Compiling Calendaring Support into Asterisk
CentOS dependencies
Ubuntu dependencies
Configuring Calendar Support for Asterisk
Triggering Calendar Reminders to Your Phone
Triggering a wakeup call
Scheduling calls between two participants
Calling meeting participants and placing them into a conference
Controlling Calls Based on Calendar Information
Writing Call Information to a Calendar
VoiceMail IMAP Integration
Compiling IMAP VoiceMail Support into Asterisk
CentOS dependencies
Ubuntu dependencies
Compiling the IMAP library
Compiling Asterisk
Configuring Asterisk
Using XMPP (Jabber) with Asterisk
Compiling Jabber Support into Asterisk
CentOS dependencies
Ubuntu dependencies
Jabber Dialplan Commands
Connecting to an XMPP server
Sending messages with JabberSend()
Receiving messages with JABBER_RECEIVE()
Configuring gtalk.conf
Accepting calls from Google Talk
Accepting calls from Google Voice
Outgoing calls via Google Talk
Outgoing calls via Google Voice
Skype Integration
Installation of Skype for Asterisk
Using Skype for Asterisk
Configuring chan_skype.conf
Placing and receiving calls via Skype
Sending and receiving messages via Skype
Calling your Skype buddies without assigning extension numbers
LDAP Integration
Configuring OpenLDAP
Compiling LDAP Support into Asterisk
Ubuntu dependencies
CentOS dependencies
Configuring Asterisk for LDAP Support
Configuring res_ldap.conf
Configuring extconfig.conf
Configuring sip.conf for realtime
Text-to-Speech Utilities
Installing Festival on CentOS
Installing Festival on Ubuntu
Using Festival with Asterisk

Correct me if I’m wrong—the gizmo is connected to the flingflang connected to the watzis, watzis connected to the doo-dad connected to the ding dong.

Patrick B. Oliphant

Asterisk is pretty nifty all by itself, but one of the most powerful, industry-changing, revolutionary aspects of Asterisk is the sheer number of wonderful ways it may be connected to external applications and services. This is truly unprecedented in the world of telecom. In this chapter we’ll explore some popular services and applications that you can integrate with your Asterisk system. Here are some of the external connections we’ve decided to cover (Asterisk has more, but our editor is waiting for us to finish this edition, which is already the largest Asterisk book yet):

There are many more external services that Asterisk can connect to, but these are the ones we feel will give you the best sense of what it takes to integrate an external service with Asterisk.