IVR Design Considerations

When designing your own IVR, there are some important things to keep in mind. We’ve put together this list of some things to do, and things not to do in your IVR.


  • Keep it simple.

  • Have an option to dial 0 to reach a live person.

  • Handle errors gracefully.


  • Think that an IVR can completely replace people.

  • Use your IVR to show people how clever you are.

  • Try to replicate your website with an IVR.

  • Bother building an IVR if you can’t take numeric input. Nobody wants to have to spell her name on the dialpad of her phone.[152]

  • Force your callers to listen to advertising. Remember that they can hang up at any moment they wish.

[152] Especially if it’s something like Van Meggelen.