Sometimes there are security vulnerabilities that require modifications to the Asterisk source code to resolve. When those issues are discovered, the Asterisk development team puts out new releases that contain only fixes for the security issues, to allow for quick and easy upgrades. When this occurs, the Asterisk development team also publishes a security advisory document that discusses the details of the vulnerability. We recommend that you subscribe to the asterisk-announce mailing list to make sure that you know about these issues when they come up.

One of the most popular tools for SIP account scanning and password cracking is SIPVicious. We strongly encourage that you take a look at it and use it to audit your own systems. If your system is exposed to the Internet, others will likely run it against your system, so make sure that you do it first.

Another resource for all things VoIP security–related is the VOIPSEC mailing list on The website contains some additional resources, as well.

Finally, has some useful information. The author provides a list of addresses known to be the source of VoIP attacks, as well as instructions on how to block all addresses on this list. The author also provides a sample script called AntiToll, which blocks all addresses outside of the United States.