Interesting Applications

Many useful applications have been developed that take advantage of the AMI. Here are a couple of examples.


The AsteriskGUI is an open source PBX administration interface developed by Digium. It is intended for use on small installations. The AsteriskGUI is written entirely in HTML and JavaScript and uses the AMI over HTTP for all interaction with Asterisk. It has been especially popular for use in resource-constrained embedded Asterisk environments, since it does not require additional software to run on the Asterisk server. Figure 20.4, “AsteriskGUI” shows a page from the AsteriskGUI.

The AsteriskGUI can be obtained from the Digium subversion server:

$ svn co

It is also bundled as an option with the AsteriskNOW distribution.

Figure 20.4. AsteriskGUI


Flash Operator Panel

Flash Operator Panel is an application that runs in a web browser using Flash. It is primarily used as an interface to see which extensions are currently ringing or in use. It also includes the ability to monitor conference room and call queue status. Some call actions can be performed as well, such as barging into a call and transferring calls. Figure 20.5, “Flash Operator Panel” shows a screenshot of the Flash Operator Panel interface.

Downloads and more detailed information on Flash Operator Panel can be found at

Figure 20.5. Flash Operator Panel

Flash Operator Panel