Loading Your New Channel Configurations

In order to inform Asterisk of the new configurations, you will need to pass it a command that instructs it to reload the relevant configuration file. The Asterisk CLI is where you can pass various commands to a running Asterisk system.

The Asterisk CLI

The best way to see what is happening with your Asterisk system is through the Asterisk CLI. This interface provides various levels of output to let you know what is happening on your system, and offers a wealth of useful utilities to allow you to affect your running system. Begin by calling up the Asterisk CLI and reloading the configuration files for your channel modules:

$ sudo asterisk -r
*CLI> module reload chan_sip.so
*CLI> module reload chan_iax2.so

Verify that your new channels have been loaded:

*CLI> sip show peers
*CLI> sip show users
*CLI> iax2 show peers
*CLI> iax2 show users


At this point your Asterisk system should be configured to handle registrations from the defined devices. Calls to and from the sets will not work until the configuration on the devices has been completed. Since each device is different in this regard, detailed configuration instructions for each model are outside of the scope of this book.