Flash Operator Panel

The Flash Operator Panel (or FOP, as it’s more commonly known) is an interface primarily for the use of switchboard operators. FOP uses Adobe Flash to present an interface through a web browser, and connects to Asterisk through the Asterisk Manager Interface (see Chapter 20, Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) for a discussion of the AMI).

There are two versions of the Flash Operator Panel: the original release (which so far is at version 0.30, and is now a maintenance release only), and FOP2 (shown in Figure 25.1, “FOP2”), which is a vast improvement over the original FOP, but requires the purchase of a license for any system with more than 15 extensions.

Figure 25.1. FOP2


You can find FOP at http://www.asternic.org, and FOP2 at http://www.fop2.com.